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"Andrea is an extremely compassionate and knowledgeable therapist. She is passionate about her clients, and about her profession; always wanting to improve and learn new skills! I would highly recommend Andrea's services."

Ashley Ross, M.A. Licensed Psychologist

"Andrea's passion and compassion come both naturally and honestly. Not only well-educated in the areas of anxiety, depression and interpersonal relationships, she is also well-experienced. Andrea doesn't just talk the talk; she walks the walk. While I can think of various therapists and clinicians I could recommend, it is Andrea I would do so without hesitation."

Don Bourque , Directing Staff at the Canadian Army Command and Staff College

"Andrea is one of the kindest, gentlest counsellors I know. She displays great professionalism in both her work and her community involvement. She is fantastic with children." - Heather Mackie Stordy

"Upon meeting Andrea, you are instantly drawn by her warm and compassionate persona. She loves children and is passionate about helping them blossom into their full potential. Her dedication shines through everything that she does for, and with them. Andrea is a pleasure to work with!" - Brigitte ( Levesque) Laforge, Integrated Communications Officer, Owner & Creative Designer of Emerging Lotus

"It's been wonderful to work with Andrea helping children and teens with self esteem and stress management. She's professional, caring, and warm. She puts her heart and soul into her work and it shows. I'm very glad to know and work with her and excited about the continual progress in helping children and teens!" - Mellisa Dormoy, Founder of ShambalaKids

"Andrea is a compassionate, dedicated and highly skilled Therapist. She creates a warm, calm, safe environment to assist her client's to achieve their personal goals of creating a greater sense of well-being in body, mind, spirit. Highly recommend her." - Lisa Albert, RMT, n.d Owner of Inner Sense Therapeutic & Relaxation Massag

"I was very excited to hear that Andrea had recently opened her own private practice in the Moncton area. I expect she will do exceptionally well servicing her clients in this venue, given her extensive experience coupled with her wonderful personality, and I wish her the very best going forward." Keiza Williamson, Lawyer

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