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Client Feedback

I just want to tell you, Andrea, that you made a difference. You helped us when we were desperate. It was a long and frustrating process to find someone that connected to our (teenage) daughter, and when we met you, I just knew you would work. You were the cheerleader. You championed her when she felt worthless and alone. She totally benefited from your strong, unwavering support. J.M. Moncton, NB

You are in very good, kind loving hands with Andrea. She has such a generous soul and vast knowledge of guidance and communication. She has a spark of spirit that made it very easy for my 6 yr old daughter to trust her and learn from her. My daughter practices what she has learned through her time with Andrea and counsels the rest of the family in her helpful techniques! Andrea is a special healer indeed. We are very fortunate to have her in our community. S.A. Riverview, NB

She is so kind and understanding, she knows exactly what your going thru....just seen her a couple of times and she did help me a lot.I miss her and looking forward to seeing her again. T.C Shediac, NB

 Andrea is one of the kindest and most down-to-earth therapists that I have ever met. I really appreciate that she herself has lived with Anxiety so it really helped that she understood what I was going through. I was really nervous about starting therapy but from the first session I felt relaxed with Andrea. Every time I left a session with her I always felt better. P.W. Moncton, NB

The best way to describe sessions with Andrea is that from the moment you meet her, you just feel comfortable. She is so nice and down to earth. She really understands what it is to have Anxiety and she is very easy to talk to. For most of my sessions at the beginning I wanted to talk and express what I had been going through. I just needed to someone to listen because I had been going through alot. For the first few sessions we talked about my past experiences, relationships and when my first memories of anxiety were. It helped me to see where alot of my fears and doubts about myself were coming from. Andrea always helped me to see things in a more what she called a "compassionate" way since I was always blaming myself. We then worked on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I was really excited to start writing down my thoughts and feelings. Andrea encourages me to stick with it and not to beat myself up when I have struggles. She tells me to catch what Im saying to myself and boy did I realize how many of my thoughts towards myself were not nice! I really feel like going to see her for counselling has been a really great help to me. S. T. Moncton, NB

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