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What is Online Therapy?

Online Therapy or E-therapy is a professional counselling service available online, delivered by Andrea Addington, MSW, RSW, via e-mail or Skype( with or without webcam or can be done with direct messaging and no webcam) or via E-Mail. People who chose to use e-therapy are those that could be helped by seeing a professional therapist face to face, but have limitations that prevent them from being able to come into the office.

The most common requests I receive in E-Therapy are

1. Anxiety Management skills to cope with either a general or particular issue

2. Clients who are in need of self-compassion and self-love skills. 

Why Use E-Therapy?

If you experience a hectic or irregular work schedule.

If you find it inconvenient or uncomfortable to attend an in-person session.

If you are living with a disability or illness that that restricts your mobility.

If you live in a more geographically isolated area & do not have access to the services you require.

If you are socially isolated.

If you are currently living in fear and discomfort of leaving your home, or fear of open spaces, crowded areas (agoraphobia).

These are other reasons why people choose e-therapy...

Instead of regularly scheduled appointments in your therapist’s office, you determine when to contact your therapist. You can have support without an office appointment,and connect with your therapist in the privacy of your own space, and at the convenience of your own schedule

E-Therapy can allow you to progress at your own pace. This process can allow time to think through what needs to be said, while providing additional insights as you read and reflect on what has been written.

It is a fast, easily accessible, way to address concerns that you may be currently experiencing. It can provide a source of help that you may need to deal with a variety of concerns and life challenges.

The number of sessions is based on individual needs. For some, a single session may be sufficient, while others may require more.

E-Therapy is not suitable to deal with severe mental health concerns such as suicidal thoughts, domestic violence or abuse, trauma, homicidal thoughts and feelings, or acute psychiatric symptoms.

A child who is 16 years or under requires parental consent before starting either in person or e-therapy. Discussion with myself and the parent(s) would be necessary to determine if E-therapy would be appropriate

You will be required to pay for your first session and each subsequent session in advance via e-Transfer (through online banking). If you chose Email Therapy you will receive one email from your therapist in reply to your concern. The email from your therapist is considered a session as the time to read, reflect and reply to your concerns is alloted a one hour time frame. You will be mailed a receipt for each transaction.

If you are interested in e-therapy please contact Andrea at . The first step is that she will send you a client intake, brief assessment and consent forms.

E-Mail Therapy $120

Skype Session $140 per 60 minutes

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